Innovative Regulatory Risk Advisors has developed its fossil energy and renewable energy service capabilities over many years and is able to provide subject matter expertise in land management, electric power storage and other related energy services as well as downstream fuel supply risk management services. We provide our clients with experienced leadership and a team of go to upstream, mid-stream and downstream professionals that have expertise in all the producing and supply regions of the United States, the Atlantic, Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Caribbean and in certain offshore locations in South America.

  • Electric Storage Codes, Standards and Regulations
  • Remote In-house Landman Services
  • Permitting Compliance 
  • Bulk Fuels and Lubricants Supply Management
  • Joint Operating Agreement Preparation and Reviews
  • Farm-In and Farm-Out Agreements
  • Assignments 
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Due Diligence 
  • Research 
  • Data Room Development 
  • Divestitures 
  • ​Title Curative 
  • ​Oil and Gas Lease Management
  • ​Negotiations 
  • ​Run Sheets
  • ​Pipeline Right-of-Way Acquisitions
  • Unpaid and Unclaimed Royalty Solutions 
  • Nationwide Permit 12 Compliance 
  • NERC CIP Compliance 
  • FERC Compliance 
  • Regulatory and Pending Legislation Solutions
  • Compliance Program Implementation
  • Chain of Title Audits