Innovative Regulatory Risk Advisors provides Blockchain, AI-Machine Learning Business Analysis and Cryptocurrency Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance.

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning Business Analysis ​- For many organizations, having the ability to understand and focus on the “Business Problem” while being able to understand the hidden patterns within their data is key to the development of a competitive advantage.

We advise clients on three key elements:

1. What is the business problem you are trying to solve?

2. Where are the hidden data resources that you can take advantage of to better understand the threats (Fraud, Waste, Abuse…) and the business opportunities?

3. What are the right steps to take to organize your data?

Know Your Customer (“KYC”) – Anti-Money Laundering compliance has traditionally been the process by which Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions verify the identity of their customers in compliance with Federal, State and International Law. The emergence of Blockchain KYC triggering technologies and Cryptocurrencies have pushed the FINTECH industry into overdrive with new innovative solutions to support KYC requirements that exists within the Blockchain – Cryptocurrency industry.

Blockchain – Smart Contracts and Acquisitions Management – We also advise on contracts and acquisitions management for Government and Private Sector clientele to increase efficiencies but to reduce fraud, waste and abuse. 

We provide subject matter expertise to the Blockchain – Cryptocurrency community. Listed below is a snapshot of the solutions we currently provide. Join our LinkedIn Blockchain – Cryptocurrency KYC community, click here.


  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Business Analysis

  • ICO – Presale KYC – AML Program Development

  • Implementation and Evaluations

  • Blockchain KYC – AML Advisory

  • Cryptocurrency KYC – AML Risk Assessment

    • FINTECH Application Development

    • Blockchain KYC Systems Testing

    • Blockchain KYC – AML Intake Support

    • Blockchain Financial Crimes Compliance Programs

    • Crisis Management ​

    • Blockchain Fraud Prevention

    • Government Blockchain Programs

    • Blockchain Program Advisory: Smart Contracts and Acquisitions Management


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